“Youth have the power to make a real difference in the lives of people around them.
When young people have troubles, frustrations, concerns, worries, or life events that affect them,
they often turn to peers rather than adults for help.”

Barbara B. Varenhorst, Ph.D.

Teenage years are a difficult and unbalanced period of life. The challenges that we struggle with and the ways we handle them shape us into the people we’ll become.

Scientific Facts:
The “teen age” is a stage of life where the brain is still very malleable. Entering the first years of adulthood with self-confidence, comfort and optimism is critical to becoming balanced, healthy and happy adults.
The “sharing effect” : knowing that a friend is going through the same emotional situation as we are makes us feel better than we would if we experienced the situation alone.
We need to be able to speak safely about our challenges with people we trust, with people who are willing to listen, and with people we feel understand us and will not judge: other teens.

Give Us The Floor's mission is to create and support a safe and trustable space where we, as teenagers, know that whatever challenge we struggle with, Give Us The Floor is THE place where we will find peers that have faced or are facing the same challenges. This is a space where Teens encourage and support each other and share wisdom. A space where we understand that we have common challenges and that we are not alone.

What we do:

1. Train Teen Discussion Leaders and support meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Teens run these gatherings, building trust, awareness and support for our issues and challenges.

Groups are youth-led and self-regulated. These are open and honest opportunities to untangle confusing problems surrounded by trusted peers. It is a safe place to be understood.


“I finally felt like I belonged somewhere.”
“It wasn't so much about finding a solution as exploring the issue to better understand what it all even means.”
“There’s the feeling of realizing that you aren't alone in your experiences.”
“It was such a safe environment I always hated having to leave.”

2. Offer a safe online platform

  • for teens who already participate in in-person meetings to keep connecting and to broaden their connection to other peers
  • for teens who can’t make it to in-person meetings to have the opportunity to connect with their peers and share

3. Provide Workshops with Professionals and Resources and stand back to allow teens to take the floor and play key roles in the organization, such as:

  • Ambassadors
  • Creatives (Videos, Art, Design, Blogs etc.)
  • Discussion Leaders

4. Help Teens Build A Portfolio for personal development, college or job applications, tracking our journey and the skills we acquire while volunteering at Give Us The Floor.

5. Extend Further Help/Resources and connect teens towards trustworthy organizations that can help them more specifically.

If you are a teen and want to become a member of our community:  click here

For more info:

Teens: Contact a teen ambassador: ambassadors@giveusthefloor.org or click here.

Adults: Contact the adult team: info@giveusthefloor.org or click here.