Teen Testimonials

“Being a part of Give Us The Floor has made me feel like my thoughts matter and are valued.”

“I’m becoming a better leader. I know how to talk to more people and really help make my ideas turn into something meaningful.”

“As teens we’re kind of underlooked. But when I found this organization I was like, yes! Finally I have a place where I get to really be myself.”

“You branch out. You don’t realize that all these teens have the same concerns as you, but Give Us The Floor helps you see that and really be a part of a teen community.”

When describing our organization to an interested adult, one teen said,
“You can have self-help books but they’re written by adults. You can have TV shows but they’re written by adults. So if you really have a space where it’s teen-led then you’re going to feel like it’s actually about you.”

Discussion Groups:

“I finally felt like I belonged somewhere.”

“It wasn't so much about finding a solution as exploring the issue to better understand what it all even means.”

“There’s the feeling of realizing that you aren't alone in your experiences.”

“It was such a safe environment I always hated having to leave.”

“It really comforted me and helped me improve my communication skills.”

Workshops with Professionals:

"I love how informative it was. I really appreciate the tips and info and am excited to get to apply some of the advice I got in my writing and social media posts."

“I’m grateful for all of the resources provided. I learned so much from working with an actual professional.”

“It’s nice to be taken seriously by an adult in a field that I want to work in, and to get to learn about what actually interests me.”

“It’s so cool these workshops are free. I learned a lot and can’t wait for the next one!”

“I really liked how [the professional photographer] would teach me something, then we would continue, then we would come back to it. It was also nice to have him ask me questions then explain and not just tell me the answer. I hope to get to work with him again soon.”

Adult testimonials

“When [my daughters] participated in the one­ day, six­ hour discussion leader training, they came home excited to share what they had learned about communication and what it means to be a facilitator who knows how to listen carefully to what other teenagers have to say."

“A place where [my daughter] feels comfortable talking about topics that she cares about and she has made many friends through your program.”

"As an educator, I appreciate that Give Us The Floor encourages teens to reflect on and share their experiences and also provides them with both virtual and physical places for that to happen."

"As a group, we were all struck by how eloquent, mature, intelligent and thoughtful [these teens] are."

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