We need you to help more adolescents. Every dollar counts!

We are a 501c(3) organization. After donating, you will receive a receipt with our federal tax identification number and will be able to deduct your donation.


(You can stop your monthly donation whenever you wish by going on paypal or emailing info@giveusthefloor.org)

$10/month = 1 teen discussion leader trained every year

Acquire communication skills that are a lifetime benefit and will help talk and support peersAcquire communication skills that are beneficial for a lifetime and will help support peers

$20/month 1 year = 2 teen discussion leaders trained every year

$50/month = allow us to support 5 teens to collaborate and create media pieces where they address their struggles and share with peers, every year

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★ You will be invited to one of our “Ask A Teen” events where you will meet teen members in person. You’ll be able to ask them questions about Give Us The Floor. You’ll also be encouraged to ask them questions about what it is to be a teen today and what their challenges are - you may find yourself asking questions that you wouldn’t dare ask your own teen(s), proving that a genuine and open conversation can happen between two generations. You are welcome to bring a guest, and we encourage you to bring your teen!

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If you would rather send a check: please write your check to Give Us The Floor and send it to 456 Montgomery St, suite 1040 - San Francisco, CA 94104

Would you like to be a Platinum Supporter ? Please contact valerie@giveusthefloor.org

Companies: sponsorship levels can be customized to match your marketing needs - contact us at sponsor@giveusthefloor.org and a Board Member will call you back to discuss your sponsorship requirements.
You can also contact us if you need more info on how to be a valued sponsor and for questions.

If you are an adult who'd like to support us by volunteering, thank you very much! Please contact our Project Manager: kara@giveusthefloor.org