1. What does Give Us The Floor do?

Give Us The Floor provides a safe space for teens like US to speak out about the challenges you face. We’re given the floor to discuss our struggles and experiences through discussion groups or through creative projects that WE choose.
We have: made YouTube videos, written blog posts, and created social media posts to spread awareness and support each other. The adults involved support our projects by giving us the resources and trainings needed to develop our ideas and skills.

2. How will I benefit if I’m a part of this?

Teens like us earn community service hours for work done that specifically supports our peers. We can put on an event or fundraiser that spreads awareness about a teen challenge, volunteer at a Give Us The Floor teen-led event, attend the one-day training to become a trained discussion leader and then start a group with our peers to discuss a challenge that we choose, and meet once a week for 6 weeks.

3. What is the schedule like? Is there a big time commitment?

We each decide how much time we want to invest. Some teens take on multiple roles as bloggers, ambassadors, creative team members, etc. while others only have time to take on one role. It’s up to us, but while we’re involved, we are asked to attend meetings.

If in the Bay Area:

  • In-person meetings are once per month
  • Online meetings offered three times per week but we choose 2 of the 12 offered per month that work with our individual schedules. These Google Hangouts are: Mondays at 8pm, Wednesdays at 5pm, and Saturdays at 10am. 
  • All meetings are listed on our website’s calendar. 

If NOT in the Bay Area:

  • We develop projects with friends who want to be involved and then we attend at least 3 Google Hangouts per month (as explained above).

4. What kind of teen challenges does Give Us The Floor address?

Right now Give Us The Floor teens are focusing on two themes until February 2016. The themes are:
  • Health (mental and physical)
  • Expectations vs. Reality 
  • If you want to address a different challenge, that’s okay too, and the team will support you.
  • We are creatively addressing different challenges we’ve faced. This includes challenges like: living with diabetes (physical health), dealing with anxiety (mental health), moving (expectations), and worrying about college (expectations vs. reality).

5. How does Give Us The Floor address challenges teens face?

Some examples:
  • We participate in teen-led discussion group about challenges such as: health issues teens face, body image, parents’ expectations of you vs. the reality of who you are, and college expectations
  • We create videos or blog posts interviewing our peers about a problem we face. 
  • The social media team takes turns posting for a week at a time. We come up with 1 post per day that supports, inspires, and spread awareness about teens’ challenges.
  • We create Give Us The Floor school clubs
  • We organize events/concerts to spread awareness about Give Us The Floor


6. Can anyone join?

You have to be between the ages of 13-19.

7. Can I still be a part of Give Us The Floor if I’ve graduated high school?

Yes, if you’re 18 or 19. If you’re 20-22 we make exceptions if you want to write a blog post that teens could benefit from, or if you want to help a group of teens in an area that you have experience in such as leading discussion groups, filming, editing, or blogging.

8. Can adults, counselors or teachers get involved?

Yes! We’re always happy to have help from adults who are supportive of teens and believe in giving teens the floor to express themselves. Please email our Project Coordinator for more information:

9. Do I have to be from the San Francisco Bay Area to join?

No! If you’re a teenager, join us!! We want to be a national community and just happened to start in the San Francisco Bay Area.

10. How do teens get involved if they can’t meet in person?

They attend online meetings (Google Hangouts) at least three times per month. Get involved by clicking here.

Our Activities

11. Who chooses our roles?

We choose them, and it’s best to choose something that fits with our interests, experience and schedule. For example, if we want to take on a role like social media manager but don’t have any experience or training, that’s okay. The adult team and other teen members are here to give you the support you need. Trainings and workshops with professionals are available for the most involved members.

12. Who chooses what projects we work on?

We do! As teens, we choose what challenges we want to address in creative ways that fit our interests.

13. Are there deadlines for projects?

We agree on a deadline with the team. Whether those goals are big (put on a teen-led event with other members), or smaller (write a blog post) - that’s up to us.

14. How can I start a Give Us The Floor club at my school?

Every school has different requirements for starting a club, The adult team is here to help you if you want to start one. Email our Project Coordinator Kara Wilson and she’ll help you get started:

15. What is it like to be part of a teen-led discussion group?

Listen to some teens talk about their experiences or read testimonials.


16. When are the in-person meetings?

Once per month on the weekends. If you’re in the Bay Area we hope you can come, but if you live somewhere else you can join us online for Google Hangouts instead.

17. When are the online meetings?

There are online meetings three times each week on Mondays at 8pm, Wednesdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 10am Pacific Time. We only have to pick 2 of those to attend each month if we’re in the Bay Area. We pick 3 to attend each month if we live somewhere else. Give Us The Floor offers a lot of them since we know teens are busy.

Who to Contact

18. Who can I contact if I have problems with the website?

Please email:

19. Who can I contact if I have more questions and I’m a teen?

Email one of our teen ambassadors:

20. Who can I contact if I have more questions and I’m an adult?

You can email our Project Coordinator, Kara Wilson: