“Youth have the power to make a real difference in the lives of people around them. When young people have troubles, frustrations, concerns, worries, or life events that affect them, they often turn to peers rather than adults for help.”

Barbara B. Varenhorst, Ph.D.

Our Vision

If teenagers can share freely and safely with peers the difficulties they go through, if they can safely voice the challenges they face, there is no more stigma nor taboo and it allows them to believe in themselves and in their future.


  • 50% of Americans will have a mental disorder*
  • 75% will have started by age 24*
  • *(Kessler RC et al., 2005, Harvard Medical School)
  • Stigma of mental illness is a major barrier to treatment

Our Mission

to create and support a safe and trustworthy environment where we, as teenagers, know that whatever challenge we struggle with, Give Us The Floor is THE place where we will find peers that have faced or are facing the same challenges. This is a place where teens encourage, support each other, and share wisdom. A place where we understand that we share common challenges and that we are not alone

Being a teenager 

Teenage years are a difficult and unbalanced period of life. The challenges that we struggle with and the ways we handle them shape us into the people we’ll become.

What We Know

The “teen age” is a stage of life where the brain is still very malleable. Entering the first years of adulthood with self-confidence, comfort and optimism is critical to becoming balanced, healthy and happy adults.
The “sharing effect”: knowing that a friend is going through the same emotional situation as we are makes us feel better than we would if we experienced the situation alone.
We need to be able to express ourselves safely about challenges, supported by people we trust, who understand us, and will not judge; other teens.

Experiential & Social Learning 

The projects that we create to address our challenges use experiential and social learning methods to engage in:
● peer-to-peer support
● self-reflection
● critical analysis
● interdisciplinary learning
● leadership
● civic engagement
● career development
● cultural awareness


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